Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Who's Who? Manipulators & Bureaucrats

There is an old card player's warning: if you can't figure out who the sucker is after playing cards with a group for an hour, you are the sucker. If you don't know what people want and need from you as a leader, then you need to find out. We see two kinds of leaders disrupting leadership teams over and over again: the Manipulators and the Bureaucrats.  

The Manipulators talk a great game, profess their loyalty and tell the leaders what they want (and need) to hear until they gain the leader's trust. Once they have the leader's ear they use this position to push their own agenda and sow seeds of doubt about others. They are focused on their own position and success at all times. They are very good at looking like they care about others but it's really all about them. They are not strong enough to lead and they are too weak to follow effectively. Don't be fooled by the Manipulators in your organization.

The Bureaucrats are great at identifying problems but they give others the responsibility of finding a solution. They raise alarm bells and pass judgment on others but fail to utilize their energy to find creative paths to progress. They believe it is their job is to point out the problem and it is your job is to fix it.  If you're counting on a Bureaucrat to solve your problem you will be disappointed. Bureaucrats are good planners, forecasters, and presenters but they are usually not accountable leaders that take on the organizations problems as their own.  Leaders need to know who owns the problems in a way that will cause resourceful solutions. Don't be fooled by the Bureaucrats.

Remember: An organization's problems are the leader's problems regardless of who created the issues.

by Mike Nally  

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