Monday, August 12, 2013

Grow Up, Leaders

"So you're the guys that's going to fix my team," he said.

"I will certainly frame the issues, find the root causes, create some options for improvement- but you, your leaders, and your teams will cause the real changes."

"So if we're going to do all the work, why should we pay you guys?"

"You need us to help you grow as leaders to see what you won't see and own what you won't own."

"We know what the problems are- we just can't get our managers and people to do what we want."

"Then you don't know what the problems are."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"The problem is..."

Hall of Fame football Coach Bill Parcells said, "A coach is as good as his current record."  He was right: coaches and leaders are judged by their current results.

The problems within organizations are a reflection of a leaders willingness to own the results, find the root of the problem, and the culmination of the actions taken to solve the problems and change the results. Consequently, leaders need to grow and change their perspective, level of accountability, and willingness to act decisively and differently to cause change in their organization.

A leaders mindset is the organizations cap on growth. The organization can't grow if the leaders see, think, and act the same way regardless of how hard people work. Leaders must have the foresight and drive to evolve personally so that they may meet the demands of a transformation with an organization.

When you grow, your organization will grow.

By Mike Nally

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